Jan 25, 2015

Meet Baylor

It has been two months since our last post and they have been the best.

Baylor Grace arrived on November 12th. She was one week late and completely worth the wait.

We are all in love.

These pictures are her newborn pictures that Pamela Grillo Photography took.

Nov 2, 2014

Happy Fall

I got to tag along with the preschool to Cider Works. We went on a train ride, drank fresh cider, ate fresh doughnuts and got to pick out pumpkins. 

Branson wasn't feeling the group picture :)

Sue and I took the kids to Smallwoods. The weather got the best of us, but least they enjoyed shopping. 

The fall party at the Sanderson's was a big hit. 

Happy Halloween from my princess pirate and SWAT team member. 

Sweet Summertime!

This past summer was one of the best, the kids were at super fun ages for lots of fun activities. Here are just a few favorite summer memories that I want to remember.

Emery came to visit and brought her Dad, Mom and sister

Quinn's first pedicure

With no fear B went off the high dive the first week the pool was open.

And by the end of the summer he was swimming in the deep end without a life jacket.

Baby Adler came from Texas just to swim with us.

Grandma came lots to swim with us, and we loved every minute of it.

Auntie Patty came to visit and swim too, then we went to her place to swim in "Auntie Patty's pool"
This girl is a fan of Auntie.

In Walla Walla Uncle Mahlon took the kids to ice-cream 

The fair in town…We got rained out the first night

Seriously dry to inches of water in minutes and we took advantage of it for some puddle jumping.

Pronto Pups are always a fair favorite

B stayed up hours with Legos, daddy can't even keep up.

While we spent hours/days at the town pool we also enjoyed the lakes and rivers near us.

And of course gymnastics. I always love gymnastics with my kids and watching them be challenged physically, but I am loving it more these days as we are out of mommy and me classes, for now!

Oct 7, 2014


 Birthday month finished quite some time ago now, so I better hurry up and post before it doesn't get done. With the kids birthdays a week apart we weren't sure how we'd celebrate this year, but they helped us with that. They bargained and said that if they could have a bounce house they would share a party. Done. 

"Grandma from Oroville" came and made the day with cakes requested by each of them. And big thanks to Papa and Mimi for letting us and our friends invade their yard for the party once again.

Quinn's mermaid cake

Branson's lego cake

The kids were very patient in celebrating all of the other birthdays leading up to theirs. My parents move to this side of the mountains has been so much fun for us since we get to see them more often. 

They took us out to dinner for Josh and my birthdays. The "Ninja Restaurant" was a hit with us all. Especially Branson! 

Grandma and Quinn made us a cake. Quinn loves cake!

Pam did a wonderful job of helping me celebrate by inviting these lovely ladies to dinner.

On each of the kids actual birthdays we had a small gathering and the kids got to go pick out a cake. B's choice was an ice-cream cake.

On Quinn's birthday B and I took her for maple bars and to the park in the morning.

Our sweet girl picked out a carrot cake.

Before Barnes family birthday month we helped this sweet girl celebrate 6!

Now we are on the countdown for another birthday…just waiting for little sister to arrive so we can celebrate her too.

Sep 30, 2014

Big Kids

I love having a five and a three year old in the house. They are starting to get some of their own activities, but still love to spend their days with me. I am cherishing this last year of having Branson home.

This is his third year of preschool and on his first day he told me he was "A little excited, but mostly scared."

Quinn on the other hand couldn't wait. On her 3rd birthday we got a call from the preschool teacher that said even though her birthday was just after the cutoff they would let her join the three year old class this year. She was so excited.

On Quinn's first day of school we got to have Baby Tyce for the day. We love our time with this boy.

If my kids love their little sister half as much as they love their cousin we will be golden.

Last week was Branson's special day at preschool. I love my kid's special day, it is so fun for me to get to see them interact with their friends. During B's special day we made apple sauce.

Quinn is thriving at preschool, she loves it. Quite the opposite of her brother when she just walks in without a bye to me as we get to the door.

We are super lucky to have grandma and grandpa nearby. They've been coming down weekly to help take the kids to their activities. Grandma kept me updated with Quinn as I was at school with Branson on his special day.