Nov 5, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, hope yours was as great as ours.

We have been bad parents, this is the first year that Branson has got to participate in any Halloween activities. We always figured he really didn't know so there was no point in spending the money and fighting with him over candy. Last year he enjoyed handing out candy and seeing the people dressed up that came to our house. We knew that this year would be his first year he actually found out about Halloween, but I had no idea how much fun I would have with him.

Cutest little fireman around.

Branson had a party at preschool on Halloween. He went on a trick or treat parade followed by a party at the school

He came home from school with a load of candy.

 Our first stop trick or treat stop was at Papa and Mimi's house. 

Same thing different day.

 We basically let Branson have freedom with his candy, it was very interesting to see how little he actually ate. He wanted it all open and then he just organized it, when he got down from the table I threw it away and he never asked about it again.

We have a turkey in town, it was coming around on a regular basis, but we hadn't seen if for awhile then on Halloween Branson was looking out the window and yelled "Mommy! The chicken is back!"

November 1st. What a day to have a dentist appointment! B was a champ.

He did so well they decided to get X-rays this visit too. It always amazes me how cooperative he is for other people.
 We have made great progress with toothbrushing since his last visit, so hopefully that continues so we can keep reporting no cavities!


Anonymous said...

Too Cute!!!
Great Aunt Jan

Dennis and Kathy said...

I love it.... can't wait for B to be involved in the family football game on Thanksgiving!