Oct 4, 2013

Nashville Round One

Right now we are busy packing and preparing for our next trip to Nashville. I figured I better hurry and get some pictures from our last trip up before the next one.

B was super excited to get to spend 4 nights at Papa and Mimi's. He helped me pack his stuff. You can see this boy's priorities... all his new trucks...and he threw in his "sleeping gear." Which was his blankie and sippy cup.

My 3 a.m. wake up call Saturday morning was completely worth it once I got to see my sis.

And the sweet faces of her family.

We lucked out and Ben had most of the weekend off, the kids were super happy their daddy was around.

Josh and I snuck out one night to listen to music

It was nice to get to play Auntie and Uncle for a weekend, but next week is going to be a lot more fun with all the cousins together.

Any minute now and the Twinsies will be here and I am so excited. I am very thankful for a mother in law who is willing to venture into the craziness of the next week with me. I know I would not be a help with the six kids four and under on my own. It is going to be chaos and so much fun, I seriously can't wait, there is more excitement in our house right now than at Christmas.

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