Feb 25, 2014

Lovin Life

It is exciting times for our family these days.

We look forward to inviting another nephew very soon. We celebrated with a baby shower for Sue.
And a baby shower for  my sister and nephew #3 who is due in a couple months. Aren't we lucky?!

Kati's baby shower was at Uncle Steve and Auntie Lori's it was a fun weekend with Kati and Forrest up from Texas and super relaxing for this mama since my baby cousin is amazing and my kids love her. Quinn hid in Karissa's closet when it was time to leave because she wanted to stay with her. 

My little gymnast. Here are a couple before pictures because that day we went in for the big chop.

Quinn got to tag along to Branson's Valentine's Day Party. I reminded her repeatedly that it was not her party. However, when I joined the group after cleaning up the party room I found her like this. Waiting patiently in line for her turn at the piñata.

and of course she managed to get a turn.

Fitting in with the big girls. 

Branson's turn at the piñata  

Quinn and Blakey are always good buddies, but Valentine's Day they were over the top. Hugging. holding hands and looking out for each other. Quinn was not about to let her Valentine get away. 

The next day we had a fun night out with friends.

This picture is a bit blurry, but I love the bowler that Branson is becoming. 

After bowling we went to pizza and were surprised to discover a flat tire when we were ready to head home. Pam and I took the kids back into the restaurant and thankfully there was video games to entertain them while their daddies fix the tire.

It ended up being a late night and B put his coat over his head so he could fall asleep on the way home.

And here was the scene in our backseat. I think the worn out kids prove our successful evening.